Hello World!

Welcome to Xusen Yin's homepage. (I know it's hard to pronounce my first name. Think about "Susan", that's the way Lyft talk to me, "drop off Susan ...". If you like challenge, try to say "shi-woo--san". Last name is easier, you can pronounce "IN".)

Research goes on well recently. Work on p(e) and p(c|e), now go towards p(g|c).

It's just nothing to say at this moment. It's either a secret, or no more progress.

Work out more lately. Yoga is a lot of fun! Zomba is popular, just too many people squeezing together. Scycling/Muscle conditioning are hard, just hang on there. Bolly pilates is full of Indian-feeling. Cool stuffs. If you like, register here https://myrecsports.usc.edu.

Hey! I finally finish my first Ph.D. project. Now I can say something if the paper is accepted. Good luck to myself!

Our goal is to solve the combination of p(e), p(c|e), and p(g|c).


I'll move something here if they are important.