Xusen Yin

Email: yinxusen@gmail.com

Ph.D., Research Assistant at the Natural Language Group of USC/ISI and CS Department.

My dissertation.

Today is the day! I defend my dissertation. Now I’m a doctor. [2021-06-14]

My CV.html, CV.pdf.

My Github.

I did question generation at Amazon during the 2020 summer.

How to use commonsense (background) knowledge for text games. [Press].

I recently worked on something more about text games. Now I know how to build better game states.

I love the Nintendo switch. I play Zelda and Animal Crossing. I have an Xbox but mostly using it to watch 4k movies.

I participated in the 1st TextWorld Competition, and get 19195 / 33420 on the hidden test set with handicap 2, ranking 3. I should try to use some pre-trained language models to avoid new ingredients/cookware. Also, the OOV is crucial. I learned a lot from the competition. It was a wonderful experience by exploring different ways to get a higher score. Check it out: Learn How to Cook a New Recipe in a New House.

You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox here. Now, what are you going to do? Check this: Comprehensible Context-driven Text Game Playing. (code on Github).

The research went well in 2017. I spent much time to combine the generative story of language models and image features. This combination is done by mixing multinominal distributions with Gaussian distributions. See unsupervised decipherment from images. (code on Github).